Impressions from Mary Jane - Berlin, Germany

Medican Booth at Marry Jane Berlin

From the 8th to the 10th we were on Mary Jane fair in Berlin, presenting the GROWMAT and for the first time our brand-new product the GROWSCHOOL. It was a really great time! Thank you all for visiting us!!

Many people are waiting for the grand opening

Many people were waiting for the grand opening...

Many people visited Medicans booth to see the GROWMAT and the first presentation of the second product GROWSCHOOL

---and many people came to our booth to see the GROWMAT and the GROWSCHOOL.

Captain Mittelstral and his team at Medicans booth, again!

And we have met a lot of old friend like Captain Mittelstrahl and his team.


THANK YOU ALLfor coming - you, our guests, made this fair to an unforgettable event!