Cultiva - Vienna, Austria · 14. Oktober 2018
Florian Riester at Medicans booth
We are very happy that Florian Riester from german hemp federation visited us at the Cultiva fair!
Cultiva - Vienna, Austria · 14. Oktober 2018
Captain Mittelstrahl at Medicans Cultiva booth E017 in Vienna, Austria
THANK YOU for accompanying and visiting us at all the fairs. It is/was always a lot of fun!!
Cultiva - Vienna, Austria · 13. Oktober 2018
Medican at Cultiva in Vienna, Austria. See all of our GROWBOXES, especially the brand new Growsystem "HiddenGrow"!
10. August 2018
Find a video presentation of Medicans fully automated growboxes "Growmat" and "Growschool"!
Mary Jane - Berlin · 12. Juni 2018
From the 8th to the 10th we were on Mary Jane fair in Berlin, presenting the GROWMAT and for the first time our brand-new product the GROWSCHOOL. It was a really great time! Thank you all for visiting us!!
CannaTrade - Zurich · 29. April 2018
Deutscher Hanfverband visited us at CannaTrade
Deutscher Hanfverband visited us at CannaTrade
CannaTrade - Zurich · 27. April 2018
Cannatrade Zurich - First Day
The past 3 days we presented our GROWMAT at CannaTrade. Palm trees and maple we brought from Germany for legal reasons were replaced by hemp from our booth neighbors THANK YOU!
CannaTrade - Zurich · 27. April 2018
ICBC - Berlin · 15. April 2018
Ngaio Bealum is hugging our GROWMAT at ICBC.
ICBC - Berlin · 13. April 2018
Henry Rollins, is the former singer of the band "Black Flag" and founder of "Rollins Band". He also acted in films like Bad Boys II and Wrong Turn 2 . Today he visited our growmat at ICBC.

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