Plug and grow: The GROWMAT

Medican creates everyday a perfect day for your plants!

Product Description

Medicans' GROWMAT is a fully automated growing device for all kinds of plants. You just have to sew the seeds, choose your growth program (either automatic or semiautomatic) and await the harvest. If you wish to make modifications you can do this comfortably from the couch via webbrowser.

To achieve the highest yield and quality the most innovative supply systems are used (for more details see below).


The entire system has a very low power consumption of approximately 240 Watts (at full load).

The GROWMAT is designed in a modular way and individually adaptable, so you only buy what you need.

It is an easy-to-service, aluminum and stainless steel lightweight-construction.

The system is 100% made in Germany and consists of high-quality components only.


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Growmat - Detailed View

Growmat detailed view

DETAILS: How Medicans GROWMAT optimally satisfies the plants' needs


To achieve the best yield and provide the full spectrum of light while staying cool, the choice was made for high quality grow LEDs (light-emitting diodes).

This innovative technology is able to mimic natural light much better than other grow-light technologies and makes the plants greener, healthier and stronger.

The use of specialized lenses ensures to point the light directly to the plants which increases penetration and produces a greater harvest. The used LEDs consume low power and have a very long lifetime.


To cover specific light requirements in different stages of the plants life, like vegetative, flowering and harvest the device has the option to use a lighting plan. This is either preprogrammed and fully automated or switched manually between the most popular day/night-plans:

24/0, 18/6, 12/12.

Water and Humidity

Highest possible yields need an optimal irrigation system. The GROWMAT has an integrated ebb and flow system which is far ahaed of most watering systems. With this technique, water or a nutrient solution (depending on the plants substrate) is carried directly to the roots of the plants. Thereby the plant is optimally supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

Especially younger plants during the seedling stage do not have a strong and ramified root network and absorb the majority of water through their leaves. In order to ensure humidity the GROWMAT is equipped with an electronically controlled spraying system.


As well as the lighting system the irrigration- and spraying system can be scheduled automatically or manually by switch. Both systems can be controlled independently from each other.

Air and Temperature

Successful harvesting depends also on constant temperatures and fresh air.

In order to achieve the above, the GROWMAT is equipped with an automated active carbon filter ventilation system. This ensures constant air circulation and removal of heat at once. The included active carbon filter unit removes unpleasant odours outside the system.


To guarantee temperature consistency on the plants surface also during the lighting, additional cooling fans have been installed.

This cooling fans are automatically running as long as heat is generated by lighting. If the ambient temperature of the current Grow-System location is too high or too low the ventilation system can be switched on and off manually.


An additional benefit of the fans is the physical stimulation of the plants.This makes the plants stronger and more robust.


Depending on the substrate and the method of cultivation it is possible that your plants need further nutrients.

For this reason and to guarantee a real all-in-one solution, you have the option to buy additional nutrient solutions and different substrates directly in our store.

Cannabis, Marihuana flower possibe with Medicans Home-Grow-System "GROWMAT"

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