GROWSCHOOL - Grow your seedlings and small plants

Medican creates everyday a perfect day for your plants - also for the youngest!

Product Description

Medican's latest invention is a fully automatic growing device especially for seedlings and small plants up to 30 cm (different heights are available on request). It goes by the name of Growschool and consists of an aluminum and stainless steel lightweight-structure. The low-power system only consumes 50 Watts, which helps to protect the climate as well as your pocketbook. The device is equipped with an over-heating protection device to ensure a maximum of safety .

The whole system is 100% made in Germany and consists of high-quality components only.


The integrated sensors can be used to set a variety of parameters such as lighting priod, temperature and air humidity. All parameters can be adjusted over the Siemens Logo App menu or by Webbrowser. By an continuous nominal and actual comparisons, the processor unit of the control system adapts the actual values automatically.


The lighting period of 3 integrated Flex10 SANlight LED grow lights (IP68 splashproof) can be adjusted to the development stages of the plants.

A temperature-dependent fan is connected to the logo system and regulates the climate inside the box.

The adjustable air humidity value is used in combination with an automatic water spraying system. Alternatively you have the option to control the watering process with a soil humidity sensor.


Growschool details frontview
Growschool details backside

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