Medicans brand new growbox was recently presented at fair "Cultiva" in Vienna, Austria.

Hiddengrow inside view

As indicated by the name, the Hiddengrow is a growbox especially for people who do not want other people to know of its existence. It can take several diffent forms like a practical standing table (see photo) or a build in cupboard. These forms allow you an automated and hidden grow at the same time.

The Hiddengrow is equipped with an active carbon filter ventilation system, which makes it odour-neutral. As well as our other growboxes, this box contains a high quality LED grow light system which can be toggled (manually or automatically) to simulate the three growth stages: seedling, vegetative and flowering stage. A water dripping system has been developed to provide a good water supply. All of this plant needs are constantly measured and adapted automatically. The special feature of this product is an electrically powered rotary plant-table which ensures an uniform plant treatment and a great harvest.

Hiddengrow frontview
Hiddengrow - closed drawer
Hiddengrow with closed drawer
Hiddengrow - Drawer open
Hiddengrow with opened drawer